WATCH NOW: His Dream Was a Prophecy (Vayeitzei)

Why did Yaakov Avinu lie down to rest on Mount Moriah after studying for 14 years? Why did Yaakov place stones around his head when he lay down to rest? Rabbi Kaplan delivers fascinating insights to Yaakov's prophetic dream.

End of Days

How Can We Change the Flames That Burned Around Israel to Fires That Build Our Holy Temple?

Some tips on how to do it.


MUST-SEE: The Correct Approach in Marriage (Vayeitzei)

In this short clip, Rabbi Zamir Cohen discusses the correct approach that one must adopt when presenting someone with an important request


Watch: Wonder Bridge

How do the Chinese authorities deal with overcrowding? Quite simple; they build roads into the sea, and when a boat has to pass by – they spin around.

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Southern Fried Corn Chex Chicken Schnitzel Sandwiches

In my house, anything on a burger bun gets a standing ovation. If the bun is combined with our favorite version of chicken schnitzel, I can guarantee hugs and kisses to last me throughout the day. I am not a huge fan of white-meat chicken schnitzel done the traditional way. But when my daughter complained that everyone else had them for dinner and we don’t, I decided to make my own recipe to keep us both happy, and I created this version.