Women and Judaism

The Main Aspect of the Home - Rabbi Zamir Cohen

The woman is naturally connected to the inner aspect of the home even if she works outside of it. She is more prominent in the home than the man who connects more with his external pursuits and affairs

Nature Videos

Watch: The 'Live Leaf' has become World Famous

A unique leaf-shaped cricket was discovered in the Philippines. What is its scientific name and how was it discovered?


Is there reward for keeping the commandments of the Torah in this world?

Rabbi Geller shares phenomenal lessons for life based on this week's Torah Portion

Kabbalah & Mysticism

Is There a Remedy for Fears and Bad Dreams?

Reciting the Shema is an important commandment that involves accepting the Kingdom of Heaven and the yoke of commandments. Reading these passages before bedtime is a remedy for calm and quality sleep

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