Basic Judaism

What’s the Difference Between Judaism and Other Religions?

Judaism is not afraid to declare that G-d gave His Torah to His chosen people in front of the entire nation, as is written explicitly in the Torah. It’s impossible to invent a historical story like this and ask an entire people to keep Shabbat, put on tefillin, keep family purity laws and much more unless they were convinced G-d Himself had commanded it


Jewish? Welcome to First-Class

As Jews, we have been given a first-class ticket for the journey of life. If only we would take the time to learn about all the features offered in first-class!

Leap of Faith

Being Faithful to Faith

Join Rabbi Fox in a fascinating new series on 'The 13 Principles of Jewish Faith'

Character Development

Why Do We Want to Impress People?

We have to make sure that everything we do in life is what´s best for us, and is not based on impressing others. For example, if we´re planning a social program, we should ask ourselves what is our motivation in planning the program?

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Bereishit – Finding the Truth

There are numerous applications to the concept of there being more than one valid truth. One is that a person must be very careful before dismissing approaches to Torah that differ from his own. As long as they are within the realms of Torah thought, they constitute a valid form of Avodas HaShem

Amazing: Trainer Drifts Downstream, Baby Elephant Rushes to Save Him

A clip filmed at a nature park in northern Thailand, shows incredible footage of a baby elephant 'running' to save its trainer, Derrick, thinking that he was going to drown in the river. In fact it was an "exercise" designed to test the senses of a baby elephant in a 'real time' situation, he managed above expectations, "said Derrick.